• Ford Mustang-based Rocket Speedster ready for takeoff

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    by Aug 17, 2015

    The last time Henrik Fisker designed a convertible, it was a sleek, plug-in hybrid called the Karma Sunset hat never saw the light of day. His latest likely has a brighter future.

    The Rocket Speedster is a customized Ford Mustang that Fisker penned for Galpin Auto Sports, of “Pimp My Ride” fame. It’s a follow-up to the $125,000 Rocket coupe the collaborators launched last year.

    Inspired by the 1968 Ford Shelby GT500 -- a Fisker favorite -- the wide-body Rocket Speedster features an oversize grille with integrated fog lamps, huge air intakes on its carbon fiber hood, and side scoops on the rear fenders to help cool the 15-inch Brembo brakes tucked inside of its 21-inch wheels. It should be … more

  • Fisker looks to start a new car company

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    by Chris Woodyard- Aug 16, 2015

    PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Henrik Fisker, who created a plug-in car company that ended up in bankruptcy court, is looking to start a new venture.

    Fisker, an auto designer whose Fisker Automotive rose about the same time as Tesla Motors, says the timing is right for something completely new. While he doesn't get specific, he says he's intrigued with Milliennials, their craving for new kinds of transportation and their fascination with all things digital.

    "I'm looking into starting a new company," he said Saturday at the unveiling a new customized Ford Mustang venture as a prelude to Sunday's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance here.

    "There's a whole new group of young people ready for the next thing," he says, … more

  • Galpin-Fisker Rocket Speedster is a 725-HP Carbon Fiber Roadster

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    by Conner Goldmen- Aug 16, 2015

    Remember the gorgeous Galpin-Fisker Rocket that made its initial debut at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show, and then showcased its production form at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance? Well, Fisker is back at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, with a sumptuous speedster version of the striking Mustang coupe.

    Like the coupe, the new Galpin-Fisker Rocket Speedster’s bones come from a 2015 Ford Mustang. Holding true to the Speedster designation, a specially-crafted carbon fiber rear tonneau cover converts the four-seater convertible into a lithe two-seat roadster.

    Henrik Fisker, renowned designer of the Aston Martin DB9, Vantage V8, and the BMW Z8, turned his pen to the new 20 … more

  • Henrik Fisker designs exotic convertible for Galpin

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    by Lindsay Chappell- Aug 16, 2015

    PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Luxury designer Henrik Fisker has created a convertible variation of the Ford GT Mustang to be sold by Galpin Auto Sports of Los Angeles.

    The Galpin Rocket Speedster Concept is envisioned as a limited-production convertible two-seater version of the Rocket coupe that Galpin and Fisker unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show last November.

    Unwrapping the convertible during Pebble Beach’s weekend festival of high-end brands and rare collectibles, Fisker said the Speedster uses a light carbon-fiber body that channels air under the hood through two sculpted intakes to cool its powerful engine.

    The Speedster would use a 725-hp Ford V-8 package, Fisker said, speaking with Beau … more

  • Pebble Beach 2015 : Galpin Auto Sports Fisker Rocket Speedster Concept

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    by Robin Rétif- Aug 17, 2015

    Galpin Ford et Henrik Fisker viennent de dévoiler la Rocket Speedster Concept lors du concours de Pebble Beach de ce week-end.

    Le coupé avait fait sa première apparition en novembre 2014, lors du Salon de l'Auto de Los Angeles et c'est maintenant au tour de la version Speedster de voir le jour.

    Ce concept, basé sur la Ford Mustang Convertible GT, adopte une peinture rouge métallique et l'ensemble de sa carrosserie a été fabriqué à partir de fibre de carbone. Il est également équipé de jantes en alliage sur-mesure de 21 pouces et de freins haute performance Brembo Gran Turismo.

    Côté moteur, cette Rocket … more

  • Fiskers Ford Mustang Rocket Speedster Looks Great, Still Seats 4

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    by Patrick Rall- Aug 17, 2015

    This past weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours event, the drop-top version of Henrik Fisker’s Ford Mustang Rocket debuted, with this new Rocket Speedster adding a unique aero panel behind the front seats, but doing so without losing the functionality of the roof or the rear seats.

    If you are somehow unfamiliar with the Ford Mustang Rocket, it is a customized version of the newest Mustang with the design work performed by Henrik Fisker and the builds done by the folks at Galpin Auto Sports. The Rocket package adds a long list of unique appointments inside and out, along with the option for a 725 horsepower engine rating with a special supercharger package and since debuting at the 2014 LA Auto Show, the … more


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    by ISAAC BOBER- Aug 17, 2015


    HENRIK FISKER AND Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) boss, Beau Boeckmann revealed their Ford Mustang-based 2015 Galpin Rocket Speedster at Pebble Beach. The Speedster is a roofless version of the Galpin Rocket which was revealed at the 2014 LA Motor Show. The convertible, carbon-fibre bodied Mustang isn’t just a show pony with GAS saying it’ll go into limited production.

    The carbon-fibre tonneau runs from the front seat headrests covering the rear seats. The bonnet is made from carbon-fibre, too, and features two scoops feeding air into the … more

  • More extroverted variant to join the Rocket coupe

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    by Erik Chandler- Aug 17, 2015

    The gorgeous Galpin-Fisker Rocket was seen first at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show. Fisker has again made headlines about a new version of the Mustang coupe at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It’s a swanky speedster version of the striking Mustang coupe.

    The new Galpin-Fisker Rocket Speedster’s bones have a resemblance to a 2015 Ford Mustang. A four-seater convertible has a specially-crafted carbon fiber rear tonneau cover to convert it into a lithe two-seat roadster.

    Henrik Fisker is famous for designing the Aston Martin DB9, Vantage V8, and the BMW Z8. Fisker decided to move to the new 2015 Ford Mustang and gave it a wide-body stance with coach-built quality and appearance. … more

  • Galpin-Fisker Rocket Mustang Goes Open-Top Speedster

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    by AARON BIRCH- Aug 17, 2015

    The Galpin-Fisker Rocket Mustang project has already produced a very desirable, attractive super-pony car based on the new 2015 Ford Mustang – a super-pony which debuted at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

    But why not build on the dramatic design of this handsome-looking coupe with an open-top roadster?

    Introducing the Galpin-Fisker Rocket Speedster Mustang, with all the potency and prowess of the coupe, plus still more wizardry from the design department. The top – like the rest of the body – is composed entirely of carbon fiber, and when stowed neatly in the rear of the car, transforms the new Galpin-Fisker Rocket from a four-seater coupe to a two-seater roadster. Output remains at 725 … more