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At Galpin Motors, we make financing easy. Whether you are buying or leasing, we have a wide range of flexible options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Whether you are buying or leasing, we have a wide range of flexible options.

Purchasing from Galpin Motors

With our competitive interest rates and quick credit responses, Galpin Motors helps you make your car-buying dream a reality. Our terms range from 12-72 months and are available for new and pre-owned vehicles.

Here are just a few benefits when financing your new car with us:

  • Build equity
  • Drive as many miles as you want
  • Carry lower limits for auto insurance than with a lease
  • Customize your vehicle
  • Sell, trade, or transfer title whenever you want

Don't let your credit history stand in the way of buying a car. Get Pre-Approved»

Leasing from Galpin Motors

Our leasing program offers more choices than your average lease program. Terms range from 24-60 months, with 12-month terms available upon request.

By leasing a vehicle, you can usually:

  • Get a bigger, better-equipped car than you could afford to purchase.
  • Enjoy a new car every few years.
  • Pay only for the portion of the car's life that you use.
  • Receive tax benefits if used for business.
  • Invest any savings in appreciating assets.
  • Spread applicable sales tax across monthly payments.
  • Enjoy end-of-lease options: buy the car or lease another vehicle.