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Club Aston at Galpin Motors

Galpin Motors' Club Aston introduces an entirely new concept in showroom design and in the merchandising of exotic automobiles. Opened in April of 2005, the central design of Club Aston is a circular room. The red walls have three silver sliding doors. The first goes to the main showroom and offices, the second is the secret entrance, and the third door goes into the Aston Martin showroom.

Club Aston Entrance

Behind the bar is a screen, where guests can enjoy a number of quality drinks, while browsing samples of colors for the body of the car and the leather from a specially designed tray.

The bar also contains a sculpture, featuring three different Astons: the DB5, the DBR1 that won Le Mans in 1959, and the DB7 - three generations of cars.

Club Aston Vault Door Over on the other side is another screen, which is used to show renderings of what different color samples would look like on real cars.

When a person buys an Aston Martin from Galpin Motors, they become a member of Club Aston, meaning they can go on in any time they want. Owners get an All Access Card.

Club Aston

After ordering a car from the bar, the new owner can expect their new English handcrafted Aston Martin in about three months. The wait will be well worth it and once the car is ready, the owner can throw a big party at Club Aston. When the owner arrives with their guests, the curtain on the turntable is closed. There is a fantastic colour light show as the new owner's car is revealed to their guests.