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  • Mustang Madness Weekend - Ponies on Parade at Petersen Auto Museum

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    If you were to ask someone the question, “what is the automotive capital of the United States?” most people would answer, “Detroit,” as it’s the home of the “Big 3” US car makers (Brand X, Brand X-2 and Ford), and city that’s recognized as the Mecca of the automotive industry. And while that answer certainly gets no argument from us, there’s also a lot that definitely can be said about Southern California; the area ranging from Los Angeles to San Diego. We consider this to be a leading car territory as well, because with its year-‘round sunny skies and warm temperatures, SoCal is a perfect place for car enthusiasts—especially Mustang enthusiasts—to live and fully enjoy … more

  • Mustang made Galpin Motors a power player

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    In early 1964, Galpin Motors was a small dealership with a two-car showroom in San Fernando, Calif., northwest of Los Angeles.

    Then the Mustang thundered into the Ford lineup and nothing would be the same.

    The booming Southern California of the mid 1960s -- the state became the nation's most populous during the decade -- was the ideal frontier to embrace the Mustang and its wild, youthful and American image.

    Galpin, sensing a hit, rolled out the tumbleweed, saddles and cowboy hats to help introduce the first pony car in a state that symbolized all that was sexy, fun and cool about America.

    "The showroom was transformed into a mustang horse corral. We decorated the whole showroom, and I saw pictures of my dad dressed up as a cowboy. We … more